New for Feb – Cressida Bell & Royal Academy of Arts

New for Feb – Cressida Bell & Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts shop is delighted to introduce their new collaboration with established designer, artist and illustrator Cressida Bell.

These breath-taking designs, featuring a flock of swallows swooping and diving among stars and clouds, were conceived in the RA Archives, where Cressida found inspiration in the work of renowned illustrator Walter Crane.

Cressida Bell on collaborating with the RA:

“The Royal Academy gave me a brief to find inspiration in the RA archives – and I was delighted to find a large collection of Walter Crane books and prints in their library. I loved Walter Crane books as a child (my mother has a good collection) so I was happy to spend an afternoon poring over them.

I made a selection of my favourites which included an end-paper with stylised clouds and sunrises. This was the starting point for my design. Birds are a common theme in many of Crane’s illustrations so I used a selection of them to superimpose on the clouds. I first had to make an all-over design from the clouds and put that into repeat (not an easy process) and then I drew and refined 12 separate birds. These were then arranged so as to look like a flock of birds swooping and diving amongst the stars and clouds.”

Browse the entire exclusive range here.

A selection of Cressida Bell’s range at RA


Neat’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Neat’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day again, and if you’re a hopeless romantic then the day’s planned to a “T” well in advance. If you’re more like us, well, thank goodness for Amazon Prime, right?

Luckily, with our clients there’s no need to fear this year. With bespoke options, unique one-of-a-kinds and next day delivery, there are options for everyone!

Check out Neat’s gift guide to Valentine’s Day 2k17, and never be left without a bit of love.

Sgt Smith

Not sure how to express your love? Give the “light” of your life a bespoke light box to illuminate their day.

Imperial War Museums’ Shop

For those still looking for a Valentine’s Date, let these wartime recruiting posters recruit for you…

Royal Academy of the Arts Shop

Channel the colour of love with this unique clay ring – A sure statement piece to spice up any outfit!

National Theatre Bookshop

Want to spend the evening with your celeb crush? These colouring books are a perfect excuse to spend the night in. Break out the wine, put on a movie in the back and spend the night with Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne or Benedict Cumberbatch instead.

Flying Tiger Stores

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Tiger’s “love tokens” let your S/O pick their own present. Just make sure you’re willing to make as many dinners as your tokens say…

National History Museum Shop

Gold and silver are so 2016, amiright? Try a pyrite heart instead – This naturally occurring mineral is lighter in colour than gold and sure to please.





Tooth and Toy

Tooth and Toy

We’ve always been keen on Matchstick Monkey  – The easy to hold design, vibrant colours and overall practicality is hard to beat! It’s an office favourite, even if none of us having teething babies (seriously, it’s just so cute). Luckily hard work – and naturally ingenious ideas – pays off, and Mumsnet recently rated these tiny teethers as a “Mumsnet Best”!


We’re over the tooth about it, but don’t just take our word for it! These cute monkeys are brand new and already making its mark on parents looking for a solution to their children’s teething terrors.

In bright, bold colours that little people will adore, Matchstick Monkey is an amazing teething toy and teething gel applicator, crafted by soft, non-toxic silicone.

Fun and functional, it aids pain relief by getting teething gels or granules right to the source of pain.

Easy to grasp arms as handles, with bumps that will gently massage baby’s gums, each toy is made from high quality, eco-friendly materials and is dishwasher safe and freezer friendly. Its bendy, curly tail works as a hook for buggies and car seats too!

Designed by ‘mumpreneur’ Katie when her daughter Coco was born in 2015, Matchstick Monkey is an ideal solution to a real problem, preventing those tiny teeth from nipping your fingers when applying teething gel to painful molars.

£9.99, available from


Tickled Pink – Mashable’s Colour-Me-Good Review

Tickled Pink – Mashable’s Colour-Me-Good Review


It’s no secret we’ve been obsessed with colouring books lately, ever since National Theatre’s latest editions gave us a bit of eye candy to doodle and drool over. We’re not the only ones either – Mashable UK already fell in love with their Benedict Cumberbatch colouring book with this amazing article!

Mashable UK

As lifestyle correspondent Rachel Thompson found out, the Colour-Me-Good colouring books offer a variety of situations to sketch yourself into with your fave actor…

“Superfans yearning to eventually meet their favourite Sherlock star can imagine themselves in a variety of different IRL settings using this book”

With 503 shares (and counting!) it seems more and more superfans are in fact doing just that. But really, between drawing yourself on Benedict’s arm or blueprinting a “dream house” together, could there be a better way to spend your time?

Mashable UK

No more being rudely interrupted from your Monday morning daydreams (seriously those annoying lectures from the boss about “important deadlines” and “final warnings” have no place in our musings)! Wipe the drool from your keyboard and break out a new set of colouring pens – It’s time to immortalise those wayward dreams into a work of art.

Also available from the National Theatre Bookshop in Eddie Redmayne or Tom Hiddleston editions for £7.50.


Check out Mashable’s entire review here:


Make those holiday blues extinct

Make those holiday blues extinct

Ease the Roaring, Replace With Snoring!

January blues got you so down that you’re already booking your holidays for the new year? If you’re like us, the only clear way through this hazy fog is a booking confirmation to Fiji.

As the tube station grit piles up, pack up those suitcases for standby with these new Triceratops Fold Up Pillows from the Natural History Museum Shop – An essential for keeping any little one comfy on the long-haul.

The super soft and squeezable body of these travel pillows is a great way to introduce little children to the prehistoric era with a smile on their face.

Protecting them from all monsters, these herbivores can also be used as a stuffed animal toy, ensuring playtime doesn’t become extinct. Available in 2 sizes, the small ones are perfect carry-on essentials!

Available now from the Natural History Museum Shop (£12):


Get with the “Times” – Natura Siberica

Get with the “Times” – Natura Siberica

January’s certainly hit North London with an icy blast.

The ground outside of the office has been covered in what seems to be a perpetual frost every  morning this week. Our cars are frosty and sometimes we have to send out a search party for the poor souls walking up from the station.

While it’s chilly outside, we’ve created a haven of warmth inside the office. In addition to two space heaters, all six radiators are constantly set to “high”. We’ve luckily staved off hypothermia, but our skins’ paying the price in these extremes.

In these dark days of dry skin, chapped lips and burnt fingertips (that teapot’s hot, you know), we turn to our favourite skincare brand for help. Made out of natural, wild herbs from the Siberian region of Russia, Natura Siberica‘s organic products offer a range of health and beauty benefits thanks to the high quantities of nutrients they’re able to preserve. Sounds luxurious and expensive, right? Enter our favourite part of Natura – It’s affordable!

We can’t get enough of it, but don’t just take our word – even The Times agrees! A glowing review in yesterday’s paper of the Nourishing and Protective Shampoo found the formula “instantly moisturises and strengthens hair, leaving it manageable and soft” at “cheap as chips prices”.

Luxury creams, organic boosts, healthy skin and budget friendly prices? We couldn’t ask for more!

Check out all of Natura Siberica’s products (including a range for little ones and men!) at

Natura Siberica review in The Times (19.01.17)




Neat PR’s Best of 2016

Neat PR’s Best of 2016


Happy New Year!

Let’s be honest here, it was 2016. We’re pretty sure everyone was looking forward to the new year for one reason or another. At Neat PR though, we’ve got different reasons to look ahead. After the successful year we’ve had – client events, loads of publicity, interviews galore – we’re hoping 2017 will be just as good, if not better. Here’s a look back at a selection of our favourite showcase moments…

  • Ali Miller: 
    • The “quintessentially British” tea set from Ali Miller became a popular choice for journalists after featuring in BBC’s Sherlock. The Lady thought so too, featuring the  Hampstead Heath tea in their classy gift guide
  • Flying Tiger Stores:
    • In a piece that started a wave of press for Flying Tiger in the new year, The Observer dedicated a massive two-page spread to their “fun” rise to prominence in the retail world
  • Imperial War Museum Shop:
    • As part of a roundup for gifts of every decade, the Metro included IWM’s “Victory in the Kitchen” oven gloves, reminiscent of the 1940s
  • Kiddimoto: 
    • Named “The best gift for a pint-sized speed demon,” our favourite children’s Karbon bike promoted its light-weight ride on the pages of The Telegraph‘s Luxury section
  • Matchstick Monkey:
    • The cutest teething friend was recognised by Junior Magazine in this article, where Matchstick Monkey debuted as a “toy and teether” in one!
  • National Theatre Shop:
    • Forget keyboards – Shortlist named three of National Theatre’s pens in June, along with descriptions of each from the shop’s own Tom Dykes
  • Natura Siberica:
    • S Magazine‘s Laura Mulley wrote a stunning one-page review for our organic, herbal-infused beauty products featuring glamorous closeups in August
  • Natural History Museum Shop: 
    • The Lottie doll, popularly sold in the Natural History Museum’s shop, was the centre of attention – Nominated for a “Toy of the Year Award 2017,” Stylist wrote a glowing review of its empowering role for little girls
  • Rockin’ Baby:
    • Rockin’ Baby’s site crashed after The Sun featured their adorable onesie in a Black Friday Special while noting Rockin’ Baby’s charitable donation to orphaned children in Sierra Leone
  • Royal Academy Shop:
    • Harper’s Bazaar obviously thought well of the gorgeous homeware sold in the Royal Academy shop! It featured in their glossy pages in a December roundup
  • Silver Cross:
    • In addition to numerous sightings in Instagram posts, gift guides and more, this nursery brand’s big moment came with a feature in OK! Magazine. The article, about the birth of Emily MacDonagh and Peter Andre’s new baby boy, featured large photos of a beautiful nursery and bedding set from Silver Cross
  • Sgt. Smith:
    • Hello, Chrimbo-inspo! Hello! included our favourite children’s accessory, Sgt. Smith’s gorgeous light boxes, as part of this Gift Guide for kids
  • Urban Cottage Industries:
    • Lights, Camera… Newspapers? The i sat down in July with Stanley Wilson, the mastermind behind Urban Cottage Industries, telling his story and including four pictures over two pages.
  • Tate Shop: 
    • Last (but certainly not least, our walls are covered!) Damien Hirst’s beautiful espresso cup from the shop at Tate popped up in Emerald Street‘s January 4th newsletter.

Okay, you caught us there. That last one’s from this year technically…but can we help it? 2017’s off to a good start.

Tate’s products in Emerald Street