Stylist give a huge thumbs up to Museum doll

Stylist give a huge thumbs up to Museum doll

Did you hear the exciting news about this year’s Toy Of The Year awards 2017? Our very own Lottie Dolls from the Natural History Museum shop  are finalists!

Stylist online wrote a fabulous article on the revolutionary doll. Having previously won awards for her positive body image, Lottie is the doll of today and tomorrow. Whether it be a palaeontologist, stargazer or butterfly protector, Lottie encourages young girls to get involved in these stereotypically male dominated scientific careers. Each doll comes with information regarding her specific career and successful women within that field.

Stargazer Lottie is a finalist in the ‘Best Doll’ category. She was designed in collaboration with the European Space Agency and loves nothing more than learning about the planets and constellations that fill the skies.

Fossil Hunter Lottie is a finalist in the ‘Best Action Figure’ category and cannot wait to make her own scientific discovery. Created with help from Trowel Blazers this Lottie doll is adventurous and smart.

What do you think about Lottie?




Reptile Awareness Day

Reptile Awareness Day

It is safe to say that the public’s perception of reptiles is mixed. Literally cold blooded creatures, we doubt too many people who would choose to have a pet python over a poodle.

However, today is Reptile Awareness Day and a chance for those perceptions to be altered. Created by reptile enthusiasts, the day has been created to celebrate reptiles from alligators all the way to zagrosian lizards (we had to look that one up too).

Who knows, today might be the day a cold blooded creature finally warms your heart…



National Motorcycle Ride Day

National Motorcycle Ride Day

This past weekend, fans of motorbikes, took to the roads with their two-wheeled vehicles to enjoy National Motorcycle Ride Day.

For those with children who are petrol heads in waiting, the Valentino Rossi Balance Bike from Kiddimoto makes the perfect present for your little one.

Whilst your kids won’t be able to take to the roads just yet, the bikes are perfect for using in gardens or local parks.

Ready, Set, GO!


David Shrigley’s Fourth Plinth

David Shrigley’s Fourth Plinth

We are delighted to have attended the latest unveiling of the Fourth Plinth yesterday. David Shrigley’s Really Good – a 7m sculpture of a hand giving the thumbs up impressed the crowd at Trafalgar Square and was launched by London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

When you go to see the Fourth Plinth for yourself, we strongly recommend you check out Flying Tiger’s pop up shop, conveniently located right next to the plinth itself. Open until October 2nd, Shrigley and Flying Tiger have worked in partnership to design products such as yoga mats and iPad covers. Most impressively, you can purchase a limited edition mini replica of the sculpture (as well as at your local Flying Tiger store!). Art workshops will also be taking place for primary school children at the shop.

Will you be giving the Fourth Plinth a thumbs up? Let us know.






Sgt. Smith goes Football Crazy with The Goal Times Light Box

Sgt. Smith goes Football Crazy with The Goal Times Light Box

If there’s one thing certain about football fans it is when it comes to their club they have a very good memory. Now, depending on who you support those memories are not necessarily always positive – just ask a West Ham supporter at the moment!

However, for every fan there will be a certain moment which will resonate highly. Just the mere thought of it will likely be enough to make the fan smile and even re-live where they were when the event happened. Enter Sgt. Smith’s Goal Times Light Box. The light box captures the exact moment when a goal took place for teams such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool Tottenham, Arsenal, Celtic, England & Scotland.

Below is the light box immortalising the moment in the match Sergio Aguero scored to win Man City the Premier League in 2012. A true Hollywood moment cherished by all Man City fans.



It costs £70 and if the team you support doesn’t have a light box in the range you can customise your own. This really is a must have product for football fans everywhere.





My 2 Weeks as Part of the Neat PR Team

My 2 Weeks as Part of the Neat PR Team


I’m Emily and this is my last day of work experience at the wonderful Neat PR office! My two weeks here have been both fun and educational, teaching me about everything that contributes to retail PR. Having known that I’ve wanted to go into a PR career for a while now, the experience has been incredibly valuable. Helping out with press releases, alerts, and finding press opportunities for clients have given me many skills to take with me into the future whilst giving me so much excitement for what lies ahead!

Everyone in the office has been absolutely lovely and I would like to thank them for the responsibilities that they’ve given me whilst guiding me through them all.

Have a great weekend!



Silver Cross and Aston Martin

Silver Cross and Aston Martin

How gorgeous is the Silver Cross Aston Martin pram? The picture below was taken in the Aston Martin shop.

Two world-renown British brands came together in 2013 to create the must-have pram for all stylish parents. take a closer look here.