Karbon: Kiddimoto’s New Balance Bike

Karbon: Kiddimoto’s New Balance Bike


The UK’s original balance bike company have created the ultimate in cool. Sleek and stylish in all black, Kiddimoto’s lightweight Karbon bike is sure to turn heads, and make riding a breeze.

The black matte or gloss chassis weighs just 340 grams, making this one of the lightest balance bikes in the world. With a tough, sporty look, the frame is built from carbon fiber to guarantee strength and near weightlessness.

Kiddimoto’s bikes help children develop key balance and coordination skills.

Check out the new collection here: Karbon Kiddimoto Bikekarbon.jpg

National Motorcycle Ride Day

National Motorcycle Ride Day

This past weekend, fans of motorbikes, took to the roads with their two-wheeled vehicles to enjoy National Motorcycle Ride Day.

For those with children who are petrol heads in waiting, the Valentino Rossi Balance Bike from Kiddimoto makes the perfect present for your little one.

Whilst your kids won’t be able to take to the roads just yet, the bikes are perfect for using in gardens or local parks.

Ready, Set, GO!


Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

Well, this week has been a scorcher! In the press, the office and outside it really has been a hot week for the Neat PR team. Hot off the heels of the fantastic London Victorian Ring Company coverage, the team at Neat PR have been tucking into ice lollies all week! It’s not that bad to have more than 2 a day, right? While simultaneously eating ice cream the team have also been working hard on the fantastic back to school products including stationery from The Natural History Museum and Kiddimoto backpacks amongst all of the other incredible products we promote.Tiger Ice Cream cup .jpeg

A special shoutout to our amazing work experiencers Matty and Hannah – thank you both so much for all of your hard work.

Want to express your love of ice cream this Summer? Get down to your nearest Flying Tiger Copenhagen store and pick up these sweet ice cream cups (pictured)!