Tickled Pink – Mashable’s Colour-Me-Good Review

Tickled Pink – Mashable’s Colour-Me-Good Review


It’s no secret we’ve been obsessed with colouring books lately, ever since National Theatre’s latest editions gave us a bit of eye candy to doodle and drool over. We’re not the only ones either – Mashable UK already fell in love with their Benedict Cumberbatch colouring book with this amazing article!

Mashable UK

As lifestyle correspondent Rachel Thompson found out, the Colour-Me-Good colouring books offer a variety of situations to sketch yourself into with your fave actor…

“Superfans yearning to eventually meet their favourite Sherlock star can imagine themselves in a variety of different IRL settings using this book”

With 503 shares (and counting!) it seems more and more superfans are in fact doing just that. But really, between drawing yourself on Benedict’s arm or blueprinting a “dream house” together, could there be a better way to spend your time?

Mashable UK

No more being rudely interrupted from your Monday morning daydreams (seriously those annoying lectures from the boss about “important deadlines” and “final warnings” have no place in our musings)! Wipe the drool from your keyboard and break out a new set of colouring pens – It’s time to immortalise those wayward dreams into a work of art.

Also available from the National Theatre Bookshop in Eddie Redmayne or Tom Hiddleston editions for £7.50.


Check out Mashable’s entire review here: http://mashable.com/2017/01/27/benedict-cumberbatch-coloring-book/#Ot8lA50LCqqo



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