Favourite Toys Old and New

Favourite Toys Old and New

Classic Wooden Push Along with Blocks RearSome of the best and most loved childhood toys continue to delight children throughout the generations.  This month Practical Preschool talks to leaders in the preschool toy industry about their best-ever traditional toy memories and which toy of 2013 they think is likely to make it into future ‘best of’ lists.  The article features the Silver Cross wooden push along with bricks as a traditional toy with style and also features Alan Halsall, Chairman of Silver Cross.  Alan says ” I didn’t have many toys as a child, my fondest memory is of playing with Matchbox cars that I was give for Christmas.  For me the traditional toys win every time.  The Silver Cross classic toy collection is a great example of traditional toys from our past.  Rag dolls, bears and wooden toys are always a favourite and will continue to stay on best of lists for years to come.  My favourite is the wooden push along with bricks, it reminds me of my kids learning to walk.”


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